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Our purpose here at Ocean Dream is to create an atmosphere and experience

where one can escape into tranquil serenity. We resonate as a place of peace, and

soothing relaxation. We are beyond the physical realignment of muscular imbalance.

We serve as an art of healing for the soul.

We seek to only grant the highest quality experience for our beloved customer,

as their state of being and resonance is the highest priority. We seek to capitalize on the

amount of value we can contribute to each and every individual that steps in our doors.

Our only goal here is to spread our passionate expression of love and light to as

many beings as we can. In a world of infinite possibilities, we have an unlimited

potential of which we can present our love and light to all that are willing to bear.

Laura Pham
Founder and C.E.O
Alan Nguyen
Project Manager

A single mother of three children. Strong, persistent, and diligent worker who makes her dreams become a reality. A very friendly and easy going professional individual, who enjoys building intimate and long term relationships with my


Aspiring entrepreneur, and innovative visionary. An outstanding individual that allows his actions to temper his expression of divine wisdom.


A Soul, sincerely devoted to the awakening of the collective.

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